Massage Oils that Escorts Prefer

Every day, we have so much work waiting for us. Balancing between work, family, and social life can, therefore, be challenging at times. A massage, especially an erotic one, can be an excellent way of relaxation and dealing with stress.

Often people think that escorts are only for sex and that’s it. But, that’s where many individuals go wrong. Charlotte escorts can and do offer sensual massages. But to make this therapy more pleasurable, these professionals use massage oils. They not only enhance the session but also come with tons of health benefits.
If you’ve ever wondered what oils they use, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about these oils elaborately.

Oils Used By Charlotte Escorts

All massage oils are excellent, but when it comes to sensual massages, one should consider whether or not the oil is compatible with sex. Clients get erotic massages because they want to have explicit sex at the end. However, if an escort uses hazardous oil that’s harmful to your genital areas, you might end up hating this therapy.

When choosing an erotic massage oil, escorts consider what base was used in producing that oil, and which essential oil might have been added. Many escorts mostly use oils that have a plant or nut oil added as they can be easily absorbed, for instance, coconut and almond oils.
Thicker massage oils like avocado and olive are unsuitable for erotic massages because they’re scented and often leave a disgusting residue on one’s skin

Popular Sensual Oils Used By Charlotte Escorts

As there are different types of sensual massages, they require different oils. Fortunately, the market is full of such oils, and whichever erotic massage you want, your escort can find an excellent oil for that therapy. Here are some common oils used by Charlotte escorts.

Kamasutra Line of Oils

One can tell from the name that these are powerful oils that bring out passion and warmth during massages. They contain Jasmine essential oil and Vitamin E, which is useful in promoting your skin’s health. “Oils of Love” is a famous Kamasutra oil that is light and has a very pleasant smell.

Apricot Kernel Oil

There are so many reasons why escorts prefer using this oil. First, it contains Vitamin E, which isn’t just beneficial to one’s skin but also gives it longer shelf life. Then, it can be used on any skin type, whether normal, dry, or even sensitive. Also, it can be absorbed very quickly without leaving one feeling greasy after their therapy.

Massage oils, as we can see, play an essential role in erotic massages. However, before you apply on your genitals, it’s wise that you ask your escort to patch test it first.

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